Twister : Amazing in the studio


    Playable Knobs

    The Twister allows for deep customization of every knob across all 4 banks with 5 killer features not found on any other controller. 

    1. CC Toggle - Push down the knob to turn an effect on and off, like an EQ for instance.
    2. DJ Filter - A 1-knob DJ Filter. Great for pan or a combined low pass & high pass filter. 
    3. Push to Reset - Push down the knob to reset encoder value. Great for filters and master effects. 
    4. Encoder Fine Adjust - Normally the knob controls a wide midi range. Push and hold a knob to enable super fine control. Great for EQ or synths.
    5. Shift Encoder Hold - 2 knobs in one. A knob twist will send one midi message. While pressing down a knob, the same knob will send a separate midi message. 

    Personalized Workflow 

    Every successful producer in the world has personalized their workflow to make amazing music.

    Your controller should allow the same. 

    Combine The Twisters flexible encoders with an Ableton Template so that every time you have an amazing idea, a powerful studio environment is there to support you.  





    Powerful Control

    Easily control powerful effect chains alongside a synth, keyboard, or drum pad/machine. 

     We love using it as a dedicated effects controller for master, mixing, sends, and insert effects.

    Twister's 4x4 grid and LED's sync perfectly with Ableton so it's easy to see what is happening in the software.

    Map your favorite controls to the Twister and have more fun making music.


    More musical

    You can only control one thing at a time using a trackpad. This is not natural, and is actually quite limiting.

    You have to think of what you want to control, switch to the correct track, and tweak that parameter. 

    Once you have a hands on controller you can react to what you hear & feel. Mistakes are where the magic happens.