What Artists say about the Twister


Why did I wait?

"I just bought the MF Twister (wondering why i waited for so long) and I really love it!"


Perfect nexus of button & knob

"The Midi Fighter Twister is exactly what was missing from the world of CC based controllers. The push encoders are the perfect nexus of button and knob, cleverly programmable and designed with the level of quality and polish characteristic of DJ Tech Tools."

Ill Gates

Soars above the competition

"The MF Twister has fast become my trusted go-to controller for encoders. It soars above  the competition in terms of quality, versatility, and portability. Everyone needs a good set of knobs, and the Twister delivers."

Mad Zach

Built to last

"The build quality is really solid. This thing is going to last me a while. I can actually really really get crazy with this and automate stuff using these knobs and I think this will last me years. That's definitely something you want when you buy a midi controller. For midi controllers in this price range, i found out a lot of them have quite cheap feel to them.  This one however, first of all, the outer housing has a rubbery finish so that's already something that makes it feel solid. It feels good and is quite strong as well. The Knobs, that's something i really really like. First of all, they don't wiggle so they are really solid knobs. They also have that rubbery finish. I've been using controllers from this price range and the ones that i had, had quite plasticy feeling knobs - these ones actually have rubbery feeling knobs, so that's really really good. " 

Art FX

Twister in the studio 2.jpg

What owners say


This will change how I play out



"How did I wait this long to get one? Unlreal. This is going to change how I play out. I may need another." 

Byron, customer

New favorite for effects & synths


"I use it for everything now from controlling my effects to my soft synths. With four banks of precise rotaries and push buttons this is my new favorite. Being able to edit multiple controls in a bank also makes customizing a breeze..."

Edward Munat, customer

3-in-1 knobs are amazing


"This is exactly the custom MIDI solution I've been after for YEARS. Getting three functions out of every knob is amazing, I love this thing more than any other controller I've ever owned. Plus every time I have a question I get an answer from DJTT in less than two days it's fantastic!"

Max Schaffer, customer