What is the Twister?

The most playable knob controller around.


NOT Your Average Knobs

Each knob doubles as a super powerful button. Turn the encoders to control a parameter in any software and twist their built in buttons to quickly reset the knobs or turn effects on and off.  This means each knob is like 3 knobs. 


Endless Flexibility 

The heart of the Twister are the 16 "Endless Encoders". These are very powerful knobs that don't have a start or ending point. Instead the LED rings show you the position of the knob. This means that the controller and the software are always in sync, even when changing banks, racks or songs on the fly. 


Deeply Customizable 

The Twister allows for deep customization of every knob across all 4 banks with 5 killer features not found on any other controller. Change LED color, transform an encoder into a DJ filter, enable fine midi control, toggle a parameter on/off, or setup a "shift" knob so pressing a push-encoder activates control of a secondary function

DJTT has engineered a suite of powerful MIDI tricks that are completely unique to the Midi Fighter Twister.