Twister F.A.Q

What software should I use? How do I set this up?

You can use any software that supports midi. It's a midi controller, so it sends out midi notes and CC's just like a piano-keyboard. Most people use it with Ableton, Traktor, Adobe Lightroom, Serato, and Pro Tools . For music production, we reccomend Ableton. For DJing, we reccomend Traktor. Here's the full setup guide

Can I have a little extra help?

 We'd love to help you. Check out our full F.A.Q section here

Look anywhere online and you'll find somebody saying how amazingly helpful our customer support is. Contact us on live chat, or open a support ticket. 

Why is this priced at $219?

This is not a cheap controller to build. Other manufactures use cheap plastic knob shafts that wobble and are easy broken. We use metal knob shafts to ensure durability. We upgraded the playability via dual function encoders and we've even included free customization software with insane flexibility so your controller can perform exactly as you intended. You're paying for build quality, customization options, and LED feedback. We made our controllers for ourselves and to please DJs, not to make insane profits. At first glance it may seem expensive, but you're getting a lot for your money.  You wouldn't use a audio cable likely to break when playing a DJ gig, so why would you buy a poor quality midi controller?

Is the Twister standalone or do I need a computer?

You need a computer. The Twister will work with any computer that has a USB port and supports MIDI. The MidiFighter Twister is a class compliant, plug and play controller. 

Can I use this with other controllers? 

Yes! Producers love using the Twister alongside Ableton Push 2, piano keyboards, and analog synths. DJs love using it alongside Native instruments, Numark, Pioneer, and Serato hardware. The special button functionality (filters, push-to-reset, shift knobs) are setup via our free Midi Fighter utility software and will work in any software that supports midi allowing you to expand your softwares limits.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, and can ship quickly too. Full details here

How long does it take to ship to me (domestic & international)?

Check out our shipping map here

My question isn't listed. Where is the full F.A.Q?

Checkout our full support page here. If your question isn't listed, open a support ticket.