Twister : on stage


    Combo Effects

    Twisted Gratification unlocks 16 combo-effects in Traktor enabling Richie Hawtin and Dubfire Style effects with the single turn of a knob.

    A release-all knob turns off all effects with an echo in just one press. 

    Get lost in your DJ sets once again with the ultimate effects controller for Traktor. 

    Twister's 4x4 grid and LED's sync perfectly with  the software so you don't get lost.


    Sequence Drums

    Transform Traktor's remix deck into your own analog-style drum machine with full visual feedback and step sequencing.

    Try layering in a 808 kick drum pattern during a transition between songs, or adding some hi-hats over your favorite tune.

    Use our preset rhythms to call up patterns quickly, or save your own custom patterns to controller permanently (saves in firmware).

    You can even try sequencing vocals, or other one shot samples. The Twister is Stems ready too. 


    Dedicated Control

    A dedicated controller is so underrated these days. Having a dedicated controller is like having practiced an instrument for years. 

    Let's say you've practiced bass. If your hero somehow walks up and says I need a funky bass line - no problem - it's time to get funky. The same thing happens on the dance floor - you need to be able to react to the people dancing.

    Having a dedicated controller is just like being a practiced instrumentalist. Once you have a idea, you can just make it happen as soon the inspiration hits . This is a huge asset as a DJ. Promoters love DJs who keep the club goers dancing because that leads to bar sales. Keep the people dancing, keep the promoter happy, and you'll get booked again. 


    Personal DJ Sets

    2 hours after a song comes out it can have 100,000 plays. Gone are the days of setting yourself apart as a DJ though music selection alone.

    To set yourself apart as DJ, you need to something interesting. 

    Do this by remixing known songs live, and blending a familiar song with your own custom beats. Give the audience (& promoter) something to remember so they say, "This is cool. Who is this guy?"