Shawn wasabi

With a little practice you can finger drum like shawn too.

What gear does Shawn use?

Shawn relies on a Midi Fighter 3D , one of the most popular controllers for finger drumming due to its super playable arcade buttons. Shawn finds a collection of samples he likes and then plays those samples live to create a song. This is called a soundpack. 

Getting started is easy

All you need is a computer, the Ableton live (free trial), and a 3D. The software and setup is much easier than you think - it's just finger drumming and that takes some time to learn. We reccomend getting started using pre-created sound packs, like  these. This gives you immediate access to 15 great sounding songs, setup just like Shawn Wasabi. 

Load your favorite sounds

Part of what makes Shawn so unique is his sound selection. You can use any sound you imagine to create your own songs or remixes. You just have to find the sound, load it onto a pad, and adjust the start and end points of the sample. LED light animations get triggered automatically, but if you feel like getting advanced you can create your own custom light shows using Ableton.