Mappable features on the 3d

The Midi Fighter 3D is a universal midi controller that gives a wide mange of mapping options in any compatible software. 


4 Bank buttons

The four top buttons can provide 4 banks of arcade control or they can be directly mapped to your own settings. This feature and others are changed using the powerful MIDI editor. 


6 Side Buttons

Six hidden, but very functional buttons are built into the soft sides of every Midi Fighter. These can toggle, cycle, or directly select any of the 3D's four banks. You can even map these to launch scenes in Ableton.


Totally Unique 3D Control

The Midi-Fighter also includes a completely unique 3D controller set. You can map left, right, forward and back tilt to any parameter including FX, filters, or pitch. By combining a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass we provide the smoothest, most accurate 3D control you can possibly imagine.