What people say about the 3D


Precise Timing

I can get more precise timing out of this than other velocity-sensitive pad controllers." - S.y , customer

Built to last

"Had 2 for almost a year now. I can say hands down, "best" MIDI controller out there today. The reason I saw that is because of the arcade buttons. I play drums and other instruments, and the response time, along with a haptic feedback response from the sanwa's is incredible. Couldn't play like I do without them. They are my go-to midi controllers. Durable too. I've put mine through alot over the past year, and they are still ticking." - Setm , customer

Easy to use. Fun.

"I've had my 3D for about a week now? I've had a great time with it so far in Ableton Live 9. If you even THINK you're the type who creates by playing then do yourself a favor and pick this up. It's simple enough get right into, but expressive enough to really cut lose with." - customer

Never Breaks

"This is the only controller in our stage rig that never breaks. We tour with more that 10 at any given time. "- Joe Hahn, Linkin Park