What is a Midi Fighter 3D?

One of the most popular finger drumming and performance controllers around. Built like a tank to survive a beating on stage and in the studio. The grid is equipped with world class arcade buttons that perform better than anything around. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 3.46.32 PM.png

Perfect for Packs

4 banks of 16 buttons make this controller  the perfect instrument  for thousands of ready to play soundpacks. Simply plug in and play a full song with one controller and two hands. It's fun, instant and very creative. 



Plays like a drum 

Authentic Japanese arcade buttons are the highest quality button in the world offering the lowest latency and highest durability in the industry. They bounce back with spring loading  for ultra fast playback and easy triplets + drum rolls.

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bright and Clear

Every time you press a button, our eye-catching animations illuminate the controller.  It's easy to customize the on and off colors and animations on all 4 banks of 16 buttons. Setup a button to blink in time with the tempo or create your own light show by cycling through colors or fading the LEDs in and out.