3D F.A.Q

How do i finger drum? It looks hard.

Baby steps. A great way to get started finger drumming is to start playing drums over your favorite song. You'll see improvements each day, and after a few weeks you'll have some drum rhythms you remember. From there you edit soundpacks, remixing, and then creating your own music. If you can type, you can finger drum. It just takes some practice

This seems complicated. I feel like I don't have time to learn all this

If you have time to read the F.A.Q section of the product page, you have time to learn to make music. Start with just 10 minutes a day. You'll be happy you got started - it's really fun. You've got to make time for what you care about.

What software should I use? How do I set this up?

You can use any software that supports midi. It's a midi controller, so it sends out midi notes just like a piano-keyboard. Most people use it with Ableton, Traktor, Serato, Logic, and Protools, but we see VJs using it too. For music production use the 3D with Ableton. For DJing use the 3D with Traktor or Serato. Here's the full setup guide

Can I have a little extra help?

We want to you to know how great it feels to create your very own song, edit, or remix. Contact us on live chat in our webstore, or open a support ticket. We’ll hold your hand from installing the software, to using a soundpack, to exporting your very first song. Look anywhere online and you'll find somebody saying how amazingly helpful our customer support is. Don't let fear hold you back. Let's chat :)

I'm not musical. Where do i even begin?

Getting started is what’s important. Every great DJ and producer starts somewhere. They start before they know what to do. Can you think of anybody who started playing piano and was instantly playing Beethoven? Or any weight lifter who after just two weeks was able to lift 300 pounds? No. But don't worry, here's our 5 minute setup overview, even if you're totally new to music. 

  1. Download and install Ableton trial (free) on your computer
  2. Choose sounds, sample sounds, or use Ableton's drum kits.
  3. Drag sounds/samples into Ableton's drum rack, or use pre-made soundpack
  4. Plugin 3D, arm track, and enjoy. More help here if needed

Why is this priced at $219?

This is not a cheap controller to build. Other manufactures use the same button contacts found in your TV remote, but we care about quality. The 3D's buttons are rated at 5 million presses - compare that to 40,000 presses on your standard controller.  This helps make the 3D far more durable - and playable - than anything under $1000, and more reliable than most controllers on the market (even the $2000 ones). We made our controllers for ourselves and to please DJs, not to make insane profits, so we've choose to price it very fairly.  You're getting a controller other companies would easily price at $400+.

Is the 3D standalone or do I need a computer?

You need a computer. It will work with any computer that has a USB port and supports MIDI. The MidiFighter 3D is a class compliant, plug and play controller. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, and can it get it to you quickly too. Full details here

How long does it take to ship to me (domestic & international)?

Check out our shipping map here

My question isn't listed. Where is the full F.A.Q?

Checkout our full support page here. If your question isn't listed, open a support ticket.