The best buttons in the world

Authentic Japanese arcade buttons are the highest quality button in the world offering the lowest latency and highest durability around. These feel amazing and will never break. Why are they only in the MidiFighter? Because they are so expensive to use, and other controller companies focus purely on profit. We want to power performers and fill the world with music. 


Our Buttons

Cost $2.50 each                                            

Rated to Last 5,000,000 presses            

Full 1mm of Travel

Bounces back like a real drum                  

Made in Japan                                                 

Ball bearing contacts work every time

Clear Audible feedback                                

Only on the Midi Fighter  

Feel the music


Their Buttons 

Cost 5 cents each

40,000 presses before failure

No travel

No bounce back

Made In China

Metal Dome contact is prone to errors

Minimal feedback is barely audible

Inside every controller in the world, including your TV remote.

Think the music

Don’t let your controller stop you from FEELING the music